New iPhone 6 Photos

Well, I’ve been an Apple fan for quite some time… hence my somewhat interest for what Apple is coming up with. It’s time to show many of you, first hand photos of the new iPhone 6, which is bound to hit the streets later this month. It’s the device you will see everyone roaming the

Hyperlapse for Android

I got all excited today when I saw that Instagram has released a new app, which I simply love the idea of. Yes… I’m a total photo/video geek – no doubt. Already thinking of all the possibilities of creative time-lapse videos that I could easily and quickly do… until my dream got completely destroyed as

Aberfoyle Antique Market

Tired of going to your equally not rich friend’s house, to only find them with the same Ikea furniture that you have at home?

My Toothpick Afro

One afternoon and many toothpicks later… yet another accomplishment!

Ice Death Wish

Call it my entertainment for an afternoon. 350 still shots, 5 second intervals, compiled into a 1 min clip. This is the result.